Live Video Inc. Welcomes you, if you have an Industry Event, Training, Casting, Audition, Premiere, Opening, Job, Advice or related events.

Live Video Inc.

Live Video, Inc. is involved in all global aspects of the Broadcast, Multimedia Entertainment, R&D, and the advanced technology industries including: Television, Film, Radio, Satellite, Internet, Producing, International Casting in all languages and dialects, Translations, ADR/Looping, Sound Design, Video Game, Proof of Concept, Funding, Intellectual Property design, Post Production, Distribution, Publishing, Special Effects, Animation, Virtual Reality, Production, Social Media, Viral Marketing, Audio - Video - Film Editing, Direction, Concept Development, Branding, Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, Recording Arts and Sciences, international consulting. With a global footprint and a key network of international partners, Live Video, Inc. is able to help you turn your dream project into reality. The Live Video, Inc. Team is focused on all facets of development from inception, to completion and end user delivery.

Members of the Live Video Inc. [LVI] team have been involved in dynamic entertainment and corporate projects globally in all aspects. Live Video Inc. is currently producing several major Hollywood films in addition to finding backing for several companies in the U.S. and Internationally ranging from the green auto industry to gourmet food products.

If you would like to know more about our current projects, for submissions, or to arrange a meeting; please feel free to contact us via email to For complete submission requirements, email with the Subject Line: "Submission Requirements", also include a brief one page on the project you would like to submit. Only properly registered projects, companies, concepts, etc. should be submitted by the authorized owner, and/or agents. No third party submissions will be accepted.

For Casting and Auditions, submit to with the Subject Line "Casting and Auditions" [and the project name if any]. Include your credits, resume, bio, head shot[s], video clips [windows media files, quicktime movie, or MP4 format], MP3 audio files. All submission should be in IBM compatible format, file attachments only, we will not look at links and web sites.